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Great Britain and Ireland have been important destinations for roswel spedition gmbh since the company was founded in 2002.


We are well prepared and ready to offer a perfect logistics service – as well in the demanding post-Brexit situation.

For your questions and requirements,
our UK-Support team will be at your disposal


UK since 2002


Regardless of whether you are importing or exporting DAP, DDP or Ex-Works from and to England - we will always look after you competently and always up to date, even after Great Britain has left the EU.


roswel spedition gmbh is a reliable partner for your customs clearance who takes care of all transactions to England for you. We take care of the necessary transit documents and the entire customs process for the import and export of goods.


In Great Britain itself we have been a member of a customs consortium (CCC) for a long time and thus receive all the latest information first hand so that we can give you the best advice.


Our main routes to England - the Eurotunnel and the ferry (Calais to Dover or Folkestone) - are well prepared and an online portal has been created to handle the border crossing in the best possible way.


roswel has focused on the ability to deliver your goods on time and with the shortest possible waiting times.


We are operating a one-stop-shop for frozen / chilled transports for our customers and ensure a transition that is as effortless as possible, even after Brexit.