Logistics in times COVID-19



Many have been overwhelmed by the intensity and speed of the spread of this novel virus.


Thanks to our corporate and information policy, as well as rapidly implementable decision-making processes, we have been able to adapt and make necessary preparations for the current situation. We are doing our utmost to be able to work at our usual level of quality and performance.


Wherever permissible, our employees must work remotely from their home office.

This enables us to continue to provide logistics and transport services for our customers, even in the event of a partial closure of the company.

Wherever we are obliged to have staff working on site, we ensure maximum protection through uniformly communicated and practiced hygiene regulations.


We ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to allow access to our logistics facilities for any non staff individuals.


We would like to assure that we remain available via telephone ( +43 508 61 8800 ), our website and e-mail. You will be duly informed and regularly kept up to date with information on any restrictions to our service portfolio or individual transport destinations.


The owner-managed roswel spedition gmbh supports the efforts of the Austrian federal government to keep the spread of the coronavirus to a minimum for the greater good of everyone.



Everyone’s health is our top priority


for the benefit of our customers, partners and all roswel employees.


Please take care of yourself!


i COVID-19